Raden Mas Prabhu Ki Gusti Agung Asmoro Wijoyo: Heir to Throne of Maharaja Java

Raden Mas Prabhu Ki Gusti Agung Asmoro Wijoyo: Heir to Throne of Maharaja Java

Kamal Ashnawi or Raden Mas Prabhu Ki Gusti Agung Asmoro Wijoyo lineage Maharaja who has Java as the heir to great wealth admitted to the trillions of dollars saved banks in London, England.

"Wealth is the wealth in gold, precious stones, and others which when added together is enormous. Perhaps three-quarters of the funds equal to the world today," he said when met at a five-star hotel in the area of ​​Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Wednesday.

Kamal told, the wealth derived from inheritance rather than Java Maharaja contained in the Combined International Collateral Account of the Global Debt Facility family of kings who created the world in 1875.

However, to date these funds have not been able dicairkannya because the banks always refused on the grounds are still bound by many parties.

Associated with these funds, he claimed to have a will of her family are stored properly and at times it can be shown to explain the truth of her inherited wealth.

"I've got the will, and properly stored, and may be disclosed when necessary," he said.

The fund, he said, if it can be pulled everything will go under construction in Indonesia and later making Indonesia the world's major economic power.

"I promise, if funds can be drawn and disbursed will be submitted to the people of Indonesia. Because inherited wealth that belongs to the emperor of Java and of course also belongs to Indonesia," he said.

In this regard, he added, would greatly needed the support of influential parties in Indonesia as the central bank (Bank Indonesia).

"I believe that the Indonesian government could arrange cooperation with a number of parties, especially the Indonesian central bank to exploring the process of disbursement of these funds," said he had repeatedly tried to withdraw funds but failed.

Therefore he was ready to cooperate with the government as listed in the account is the Maharaja of Java and its name was written as his successor.

Meanwhile, media in the neighboring country says that the Perak-born Kamal Ashnawi this is Malaysia's richest man who treasures his wealth at 20 billion ringgit.

However, Kamal explained that he was not a citizen of Malaysia, but a Dutch citizen and have a line of Java.

"I am an Indonesian and Javanese descent," he said.

He admitted that he was eager to come to Indonesia which of course if desired by the people in the homeland.

"I will come to Indonesia if desired, and his presence certainly good for Indonesia," said 48-year-old man who had lived in Holland for 20 years.

On the other hand, there is a prophecy that he would become emperor Indonesia in recent years.

"When given the responsibility will be implemented with the best interests of the people of Indonesia, especially for the whole person," he said to explain it is related to the mentioned a prediction Joyoboyo the fair queen will arrive later to organize the government in the archipelago.

"But it all depends on the power of God Almighty," he said.
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